About Us

Dedicated to drug development excellence


Our Mission

At ARCI our mission is to be your preferred partner for drug discovery and development. With our state of the art facilities, world class team, and decades of pharma R&D expertise, we are ready to help you realize the potential of your pharmaceutical breakthroughs.

Whether you need contract R&D or a novel therapeutic for your development pipeline, ARCI is ready help you in your quest to improve human health and wellbeing.

Our Values


Accountability – We are transparent and answerable to our customers any time, it is our commitment.


Reliability – We gain our customers trust through our operations, it is our utmost priority.


Capability – We deliver what we promise no matter how difficult, it is our strength.


Impeccability – We strive to be impeccable in all our operations, it is our road to Success!

Meet Our Management Team

Praveen Baradi, M.Sc., Ph.D.,
President and CEO

Dr. Praveen Baradi is the founder of Alberta Research Chemicals Inc. He brings his extensive knowledge in the organic synthesis and small molecule development to the company. With his thorough knowledge of project management and robust method development he manages all the activities of the company, which include contract research, custom synthesis, process development, and commercial manufacturing. He prides himself on the exacting rigor, high quality, and timeliness of all ARCI’s operations and client services.

Prior to founding ARCI, Dr. Baradi served as a  Manager and Principal Scientist at a leading CRO firm, over a decade. He supervised teams of scientists working on drug discovery projects in the fields of oncology, antipsychotics, and cardiovascular disease. He acquired extensive knowledge in the synthesis of aromatic and heterocyclic compounds.

Dr. Baradi received his PhD from Osmania University for his work at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) on Pyrrolo[2,1-c]benzodiazepines (PBDs) as novel DNA-intercalators. As part of his postdoctoral research at the University of Alberta’s Department of Chemistry, he designed and synthesized novel PBD-conjugates and lexitropsins as DNA-minor grove binders. Both his doctoral and post-doctoral work resulted in potent drug molecules as cancer therapeutics and were published in many international peer-reviewed journals.

Damayanthi Yalamati, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Executive Vice President

As a member of ARCI’s management team, Dr. Damayanthi Yalamati plays a key role in building the company’s profile and client base. Dr. Yalamati oversees the business development activities as well as ongoing contract research activities.

Prior to ARCI she served as Manager of the Synthetic Biologics Business Unit at Oncothyreon (formerly Biomira Inc.), where she gained valuable experience in business development. Her contribution in the development of novel synthetic antigens and adjuvants resulted in many patents and strong intellectual property.

Dr. Yalamati received her M.Phil. degree from the University of Hyderabad and Ph.D. from Osmania University, India. She moved to Edmonton, Canada to pursue her post-doctoral research at the University of Alberta. Her professional career has been in the field of cancer research, with a strong background in organic synthesis. She co-authored many US and Indian patents. Her work has been published in many peer reviewed international journals and presented at conferences. Her expertise in the synthetic antigens and adjuvants for the development of cancer vaccines, as well as small molecules for cancer therapies are valuable assets to ARCI.