Contract Research

Flexible contract research plans for all your R&D needs

At ARCI we seek to reduce the substantial burden of drug development costs for the bio-pharmaceutical industry. To do this we offer our clients two options for project costing: both compound-based (flat rate) costing and full-time equivalent (FTE) costing. With the FTE option we are able to provide both PhD and MSc-level chemists, depending on your project’s  requirements.

We pride ourselves in working in a timely and efficient manner to meet your development deadlines. We will keep you updated on the project’s progress with weekly progress reports and videoconferencing sessions, while all of our lab records books are available at any time upon request. Together we can find the most precise and efficient pathway to your drug discovery success.

Our chemistry expertise includes (but is not limited to):

  • Asymmetric Synthesis
  • Carboxylations
  • Diels-Alder Reactions
  • Friedal-Crafts Reactions
  • Formylations
  • Glycosylations
  • Grignard Reactions
  • Halogenations
  • Hydrogenations
  • Metal mediated reactions
  • Nitrations
  • Oxidations
  • Polymerizations
  • Suzuki Couplings
  • Reductions
  • Reductive aminations
  • Wittig Reactions
  • Wolf Kishner Reductions