Boronic Acids & Esters

Boronic Acids and EstersTo support clients conducting Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions for biaryl synthesis, as well as other synthesis reactions, ARCI stocks boronic acid/ester intermediates. Our catalogue includes many novel and rare intermediates, available in a range of standardized quantities.

Among our offerings are:

  • Boronic Acids (alkyl boronic acids, akenyl boronic acids, aryl boronic acids, heteroaryl boronic acids)
  • Pinacol Esters (alkyl boronic acid pinacol esters, akenyl boronic acid pincaol esters,aryl boronic acid pinacol esters, heteroaryl boronic acid pinacol esters
  • Trifluoro Borates (akenyl trifluoroborates, aryl trifluoroborates, heteroaryl trifluoroborates)

Boronic Acid & Ester Building Blocks