Alberta Research Innovation

Our Passion for Drug Discovery Research

ARCI’s mission is to improve human health and well being through the development of therapeutics to meet the 21st century’s pressing medical challenges. Leveraging our years of experience in the drug discovery research in oncology and small molecule therapeutics for the most prevalent diseases in the current world, we would like to develop novel products with strong intellectual property and become your partner of choice for your drug-development activities.

At ARCI,  we provide knowledge based drug discovery services to major pharmaceutical organizations and develop intellectual property in various therapeutic areas. We create discovery platforms with preliminary screening and the results are transferred to organizations under confidentiality agreements with 100% ownership to our clients. There is an increasing demand for new drug discovery and we intend to take advantage of this opportunity and our vast combined experience in small molecule drug discovery research.

Technology: Alberta Research Innovation is currently interested in the following therapeutic areas:

Cancer: As the cancer prevalence is increasing for so many reasons, the need for drug discovery for cancer therapeutics also increasing steadily. According to a recent report by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, the global market for cancer drugs in the annual sales has hit $100 billion and could reach $147 billion by 2018. At ARCI, we have expertise in developing small molecule therapeutics for targeted therapies of cancers.

Infectious diseases: The increasing concern for resistance to the current antibiotics and very limited new approvals created great demand for the new treatments to infectious diseases. As a result, the market potential for antibiotics and anti-viral drugs is steeply rising. At ARCI, we have novel and innovative ideas to capture this alluring market.